Role play on earth day

Monday April 22 marks Earth Daywhich every year sees more than a billion people from an estimated countries across the globe calling for more action to protect the environment. The humble bicycle has its part to play in the message conveyed on this day of global observance. The way goods and people move about the earth has a profound environmental impact, generating pollution and consuming fossil fuels. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, the global car fleet is set to triple byand greenhouse gas emissions from transport are rising faster than in any other sector.

More and more, a shift to cycling and other forms of clean transportation is being recognised as essential. On Earth Day a call to switch to green transportation goes out, with many cities and regions encouraging their citizens to travel by bike on the day - and more generally in their daily lives. While more can be done to advance cycling as an everyday mode of transport, the popularity of the bicycle is already delivering environmental good.

By switching travel from emission- and pollution- generating fossil fuel vehicles, cyclists can achieve a ten fold reduction in CO2 emissions - down to 21g of emissions per km travelled. To mark Earth Day, writer and communicator Florian Reber rode his bicycle through the Alpsdocumenting the impact of climate change and extreme weather on the region. The impact of climate change was all too visible during his Tales of Change project, that saw him cycle km from Trieste Italy to Cannes France.

Along his journey, he spoke with local residents, farmers, forest workers, conservationists, alpine climbers, athletes as well as other journalists and writers, who warned that climate change is already harming the Alps. The project saw him cycle through drought-hit regions, powerful storms, record October temperatures, forest fires and torrential rain: the visible impact of a changing climate all too evident.

Looking ahead, will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, which this year celebrates its 10 th year as a recognised official UN day. Amidst the complex debate over the environment, climate change, sustainability and our impact on the planet, cycling can continue to offer its contribution: a green, non-polluting mode of transport, pastime and sport.

Toggle menu navigation. Tales of Change To mark Earth Day, writer and communicator Florian Reber rode his bicycle through the Alpsdocumenting the impact of climate change and extreme weather on the region. Share this news.SpaceDay Home. Use a group of 3, 6 or 9 students. Suns Earths and Moons can take turns and alll the kids can try to figure out the movements.

Use chalk to sketch an arc representing the path of the Earth around the Sun. Have a student represent the Sun by holding a light source lamp. Have a student represent the Earth and take a position on the path. Have the student representing the Earth move slowly along that path. Explain that the Earth takes days to make a complete orbit around the Sun.

Ask your students to estimate how fast the Earth would have to move to complete that orbit. Add the Moon by having a third student, representing the Moon, hold one end of a 5 to 7 foot string or jump rope and the student representing the Earth hold the other end.

The Moon orbits the Earth by keeping the rope taunt as it moves around the Earth at the same time as the Earth moves along its orbit. Halt the demonstration and explain that the Moon takes about 27 days to go around the Earth. Ask your students to choose appropriate speed of travel for the Moon and how many steps represent on Earth day. For instance the Earth might take heel-to-toe steps while the Moon takes longer steps. Now add that the Earth rotaes on its axis one every 24 hours and tell the Earth student to spin as required.

Earth Day Primary Short Play

Next add that the Moon rotates on its axis at the same rate that it revolves around the Earth. Try to get the kids to figure out that this results in the "face" of the Moon always being directed toward the Earth.

The sun sees it regularly. See if thestudents can guess how much tilt this should be. Now say that the Moon is only tilted. Try to demonsrtate that the "crater " will be in permanent shadow because it does not tilt toward the Sun and the crater walls fingers keep out the light and heat of the Sun.

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If students suggest things that are inaccurate try them out and see how the universe changes! Encourage kids to try out ideas such as how would earth weather change with a different tilt, or how much would the Moon have to tilt to melt the ploar ice?

Jump to: Select an activity 1. Lunar Prospector model 2. Construct a Lunar Habitat 3. Lunar Prospector Simulation 4. Edible Rocks 5. Alka Rockets 6. Moon Archeology 7.

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role play on earth day

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You can choose the crops you grow and the livestock you raise, and you can change what your farm produces as you discover new recipes to sell. There are community events in town during the seasons where you can win prizes and rewards, and the world continues to open up with a seemingly endless array of things to do. Co-op - Role-playing games can eat up a tremendous amount of time, so being able to share your adventures with a friend can make for a welcome change of pace.

Just make sure to check whether the game includes online co-op, couch co-op, or both. If you want to play a co-op RPG with a buddy on your Xbox One, look for one that features couch co-op. Alex Williams. Alex Williams is an experienced tech writer with an interest in wearable technologies. He focuses on everything from gaming headsets to headphones. Updated on October 23, Earth Day is a great excuse to get kids outside and organize fun games for them to play.

Centered around nature, these activities show kids the beauty of being outside, help them explore the natural world, and teach valuable lessons about recycling and caring for the planet. Divide kids into pairs for some classic wheelbarrow racing fun! If you have two real wheelbarrows to use, the rules are simple enough: just have one kid from each pair sit inside and let the other push as they race to the finish line.

No wheelbarrows? Play the old-fashioned and create a human wheelbarrow. Have one child get on their hands and knees, and another lift them by the feet.

Messy Play Activities for Toddlers

The two have to work as a team—one with their feet and the other with their hands—to get to the finish line as fast as they can. You can also have a relay race with real wheelbarrows.

Have players take turns transporting something inside, such as a pile of dirt or set of gardening tools, to the other end. Recycling is an important lesson that kids can learn at any age. It's something that they can put to use the rest of their lives and making a game out of it can create a lot of fun memories. To set up this game, you will need to line up a few empty bins and label them for different types of recyclables e.

Gather two collections of recyclable items that include at least one thing to fit each category. Divide players into two teams and give each team one set of recyclable materials.

Have them line up several feet away from the bins. To play the game, have one player from each team select an item, run it to the bins and drop it into the correct one. They must then run back and tag another player in line who then grabs the second item and drops it in a bin.

This continues until all of the items have been sorted into the correct bins. The first team to finish wins. Hopscotch is a simple, traditional outdoor game.

Eco English: 5 Earth Day Activities for Your ESL Classroom

It usually requires a piece of chalk and a concrete surface on which to draw the board. This version of the game, however, is inspired by nature, and therefore uses natural elements to form the board. To start, have the kids collect a bunch of sticks, rocks, and leaves. Help them arrange the materials in the pattern of a hopscotch board.

Once the board is done, they can use a rock to toss and play hopscotch as usual. Like the hopscotch game, you can use the same method of natural grid-making to create a board for a game of human tic tac toe.

You will need at least 10 people to play, so this game is best for a large group, but adults can join in the fun. Using your found objects, create a giant tic tac toe board on the lawn and divide the group into two teams. Each person becomes a marker, acting as either an "X" or an "O," depending on which team they're on. The game is a lot of fun and sure to inspire smiles from everyone. You can play quite a few rounds, giving a nature-inspired prize to the winning team. A scavenger hunt is a great group activity that kids of any age will enjoy.

You can play in your backyard or take this game to a park.Our sensory play ideas are always so popular that I thought it was about time we took it one step further with some seriously messy play! In the meantime check out this great list of messy play ideas for toddlers! If you set any of them up make sure you share them over on Instagram use MyBoredToddler so we can all see or share a pic in our Facebook Group.

Jelly Sensory Play. Dinosaurs in Taste Safe Mud oobleck. How to make colored spaghetti. Fizzy Cloud Dough — Powerful Mothering. Rainbow Spaghetti — Messy Little Monster.

role play on earth day

Finger Painting — My Bored Toddler. Balloon Painting — Mosswood Connections. Color Mixing Fun — Days with Grey.

The Importance Of Earth Day

Melting Ice Cubes — Bambini Travel. Frozen Oobleck — Messy Little Monster. Sandy Oobleck — Buggy and Buddy. If you love this post why not Pin it on Pinterest! Water Play for Babies and Toddlers.

role play on earth day

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Why not share this post! Too much kids stuff? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.If you celebrate Earth Day, it feels good to have your squad in on the action. Motivating the family to do their part in helping Mother Earth keep it can be fun and exciting, but it may be confusing for little ones who don't understand what all the fuss is about.

Considering how to explain Earth Day to your kids is the first step in raising the next generation of environmentally conscientious citizens, and a task that may be easier than your think. Children get excited about learning new and interesting things, and they love to get hands on with their new knowledge.

Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to both educate and motivate your kids to make a difference in the world. Once your little ones learn all the ways Earth is being harmed, their compassionate hearts will empathize. Learning why Earth Day is observed and understanding how everyone can play a role in making things better is the goal when explaining this holiday to children.

And even though some environmental issues are complicated, planting the seed while they are young will give them the framework to comprehend more as they grow. Don't let April 22 come and go without having a chat with your kids about Earth Day. Use these seven ideas to get the conversation started and guide your little environmentalist down the path of conservation.

The first thing kids need to understand, is that we only have one Earth and it's our job to make sure it stays clean and healthy. Talk about all the different aspects of Earth water, land, wildlife, atmosphere, humans and how each play a role. Share some facts about the environment to show how earth is suffering. All over the globe, environmentally conscious people will be celebrating on April Take your kids to an Earth Day event near youand let them see first hand how everyone is working together to preserve resources and keep Earth clean.

role play on earth day

Watch a few short videos about why making positive changes for our environment matters. Kids can see the cause and effect of air pollution, acid rain, and protecting wild life by watching videos on these topics provided by the U. Environmental Protection Agency. Each year, Earth Day has a theme — an issue that is heavily focused on to inspire global citizens to learn more and find solutions.

Once your kids hear all the ways Earth needs their help, they are going to wonder how they can help.

Help them brainstorm ways they can be active in making positive changes in the environment. Get inspired by reading the bios on Kids Are Heroes website, and maybe you child will be able to add their story to the site as well. Show kids that celebrating Earth Day isn't just grand gestures, but small steps make difference too.

Save the Earth from all those excessive plastic bags by decorating a reusable tote bag or two, and making sure you always use one when shopping. The best way for kids to learn about Earth Day, is by seeing the adults in their life set a responsible example. Recycling in your home, not littering, and being energy efficient are all ways to blaze a path for your children to follow.Account Options Sign in.

Top charts. New releases. Earth Challenge earthdaynetwork Education. Add to Wishlist. Earth Challenge makes it easy for everyone to monitor the environment! Capture research quality environmental data for scientists working to better understand and protect nature. The Earth Challenge app not only lets you engage in citizen science to record the environment around you, but it also provides you with the tools to help protect it. KEY FEATURES - Discover and learn about different environmental issues in your area -- including air quality, insect populations, and plastic pollution - Record your own observations and share them with the community - Compare your observations to other citizen scientists using interactive maps - Get access to specialized environmental lesson plans and guided activities - Receive tailored suggestions for how to take environmental action and improve your community Earth Challenge is a joint initiative by Earth Day Network, the Wilson Center and the US Department of State.

For more info visit www. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Edible Plant Guide. Over 2, beautiful images covering over plants and health conditions! Deep Time Walk: Earth history. Deep Time Walk C. Experience a new story of the living Earth.

Yellow Book. Serco Inc. SeaStorm Hurricane Tracker.


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